The Go Girls! Guide to Feeling Good About You

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Look into the mirror. What do you see?

Our hope at is that you see someone who is bold.  Someone who is brave.  Someone who says what she wants and does not want.  We hope you see someone who is beautiful.  

When you look in the mirror, we hope you see someone you are proud of.  Because, when you are proud of who you are, it is much easier to accept others who are different from you.

We've seen too many examples of people confronting difference with fear.  It's time to say "That's Not Right!"

Our free guide, #ImProud, helps girls stand up to fear and make our world safe for all people.  It does this by:

  • Using kid-friendly language to explain complex terms like "oppression" and "social justice"
  • Giving girls ideas for how to show up as an activist in their communities
  • Sharing ideas from activist parents about how they engage their young daughters in social justice

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