NOW is the time for our girls to take center stage.

How are we going to help them?

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If there is one thing that this Election 2016 has taught is that we are all hungry for a new systems, new paradigms, new ways of being together.  

The question is - what do we want that to look like?

Do we want to dig deeper in the values of competition, exclusion, and rugged individualism? 

Or do we want to move our communities, our economy, our schools, and our families towards greater connection, care, and compassion?

At Spotlight:Girls, our mission is to ignite a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  We believe that girls and women are the teachers, makers, mothers, and healer who will lead us to creating a safer and more loving world for ALL of its citizens.

The time is NOW and we need you to join us in this Compassion Revolution.

During Election Week - from Nov 7-10, join us online as our co-founder and CEO, Lynn Johnson, talks to the leaders and creators of this more compassionate world.  Throughout the day, on Facebook and YouTube, tune in for interviews, discussions, and entertaining pieces about how Spotlight: Girls is working with girls, parents, and other Girl Advocates to bring this vision of a Compassion Revolution to life.

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Special guests include:

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims - Former Stanford Dean and best-selling author of How to Raise an Adult
  • Dr. Christine Carter - Sociologist, Happiness Expert, best-selling author of The Sweet Spot and Raising Happiness
  • Amy Ahlers - Life Coach and best-selling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl
  • Jenny Kassan - Securities Attorney, Coach of "Raising the Right Money from the Right Investors", Co-Founder of the Force for Good Fund
  • Ryan Honeyman - Partner of LIFT Economy and author of The B Corp Handbook
  • Ashara Ekundayo - Cultural Strategist and Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Impact Hub Oakland
  • Erin Kilmer-Neel - Chief Impact Officer and Deputy Director, Beneficial Bank Foundation
  • Emiliana Simon-Thomas - Science Director at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley
  • Brandi Riley - Social media strategist and digital content producer, SheKnows Media,, and the Courage to Earn Community
  • ...and so many more...

Best of all, you will learn how you can become part of this growing movement through investment in this innovative, women/minority-owned social business.

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