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A_BCorp_logo_POSSpotlight: Girls is offering a powerful investment opportunity for those bold and brave girl advocates.  As one of the inaugural issuers on Crowdfund Mainstreet, we invite you to join us in this movement to democratize finance and get capital in the hands of underserved, mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Spotlight:Girls is a women-owned certified "best for the world" B Corp based in Oakland, CA.  Our mission is to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage.  We produce media, events and learning experiences with and for girls and girl advocates that promote leadership, creativity, courage, connection, and radical care.

Since 2008, our highly recognized Go Girls!™ Camps and Afterschool Clubs have taught thousands of elementary and middle school-aged girls key social-emotional skills through the process of making their own plays, art, music, and media.  Now, we are working to bring this movement nationwide.  We are current raising $250,000 to:

  • Improve our website to integrate learning modules for Go Girls! Licensees, parents, educators, and other girl advocates
  • Build an online registration platform to help us and our licensees better register students, track data about their development, and maintain safe and powerful communication with them and their parents.  
  • Creating empowering media that allows us to transform young girls’ lives at scale.   We are building on our partnerships with the GRAMMY-nominated Alphabet Rockers and music industry veteran and cultural strategist Anasa Troutman (and her company Culture Shift Creative) to create original media that lifts up the stories and images of these girls and helps them create their own media

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