she's going back to school

Are you ready?

Our daughter is about to start 3rd grade.  On one hand, she is organized and confident.  She knows what she wants to wear, what kind of backpack she wants, and everything she wants in her lunch for the entire first week.

On the other hand, she has some serious worries:

  • "The tests are going to be really hard!"
  • "How much homework is there going to be?"
  • "Will my best friend be in my class?"
  • "Oh no! What if [insert name of arch nemesis] and I are in the same class?  What will I do!?"

Back to school time can be a hard transition of our girls.  It's a real test of her social/emotional skills.  As parents of daughters, we can use this time as an opportunity to help coach our girls to develop the kind of courage and confidence that they can take with them into any new challenge.  

We want all of our girls to walk into school this year declaring, "I Got This!"

I Got This Webinar Promo.png 

Join us this Thursday night, August 17th at 8pm EST for "I Got This: Kicking Off the School Year with Confidence."  In this 1-hour webinar/Facebook Live event, we - Spotlight: Girls co-founder Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny -  will chat with you about:

  • Being a Confident Mama - managing our own fears as parents so that they don't interfere with hers
  • Preparing to manage the inevitable big feelings that come up around work, teachers, friends
  • Creating tools, structures, and rituals to make sure that both of you take the best care of yourselves through it all

We will take any and all questions and definitely want to hear any tips you have.  When you sign up, you will receive links and information on how to join us for the event.