she's going back to school

Are you ready?

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Our daughter is about to start 3rd grade.  On one hand, she is organized and confident.  She knows what she wants to wear, what kind of backpack she wants, and everything she wants in her lunch for the entire first week.

On the other hand, she has some serious worries:

  • "The tests are going to be really hard!"
  • "How much homework is there going to be?"
  • "Will my best friend be in my class?"
  • "Oh no! What if [insert name of arch nemesis] and I are in the same class?  What will I do!?"

Back to school time can be a hard transition of our girls.  It's a real test of her social/emotional skills.  As parents of daughters, we can use this time as an opportunity to help coach our girls to develop the kind of courage and confidence that they can take with them into any new challenge.  

We want all of our girls to walk into school this year declaring, "I Got This!"
So, we got you. 

"I Got This: 25 Tips to Kicking Off The School Year with Confidence" is a content series created by Allison Kenny, co-founder of Spotlight: Girls and the publisher of, designed to educate, inspire, and activate you to support your Go Girl to be her best self this fall.  Each lesson comes straight to your email and includes: 

  • Short videos featuring stories and wisdom from Allison's vast experience as a parent, educator, and girl advocate
  • Sample scripts of what you can say to your daughter when she is struggling with social/emotional challenges at school
  • Printable tools that you can use around your home to make the day-to-day of back-to-school smoother and much more fun 
  • Lists of articles, books, music, and other valuable resources to add to your learning library

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