want go Girls! in your town?

this HIGHLY-RECOGNIZED program is going nationwide & we need enterprising girl advocates to make it happen

Go Girls!™️, produced by Spotlight: Girls, is a girls empowerment program - summer day camps and after-school clubs - just for elementary and middle school-aged girls.  By making theater, art, music, and media, girls learn the skills to love themselves and each other, and make bold and brave choices in their lives and communities.

The success of Go Girls! depends on a network of powerful, compassionate, and creative women and allies who are doing their best to be the leaders we want these girls to see.  That is why we are looking for community leaders, educators, mothers, and artists from across the U.S. to bring our proven programs to your town. 

Are you that leader?20121216_1_0060-L.jpg

Are you...

A passionate girl advocate?

An active citizen who is knowledgeable and connected to the needs and desires of her community and thrives on collaboration?

A Maker/Creator/Performer who believes in the power of the visual and performing arts to transform individuals and communities?

A gifted professional with the urge to create a flexible work life that feeds her soul while generously supplementing her bank account?

Experienced in teaching groups of children in school or out-of-school settings?

Curious about entrepreneurial opportunities that help girls take center stage?

20121216_1_0215-LIf you can say "Yes!" to any of these questions, you will thrive as a Go Girls! Entrepreneur!


Interested in learning more about bringing Go Girls! to your community?

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In this meeting, you will learn:

  • The history and growth of Go Girls! in the San Francisco Bay Area and why now is the time to take this nationwide
  • Exactly what it take to do this in your community and what you can expect in return
  • How the onboarding process works and the steps you will take from initial training through your first day of programming
  • All the ways you will be supported by Spotlight: Girls as you establish and grow 

This Informational One-on-One Meeting is just a first step.  There is absolutely no obligation to commit past the this call.  

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