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The Go Girls! Afterschool Club integrates Common Core State Standards for...

  • Language Arts
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Social/Emotional Learning

...and is aligned to meet the 5 high quality, learning principals as outlined by Learning in Afterschool and Summer (LIAS):

  • Active
  • Collaborative
  • Meaningful
  • Promotes Mastery
  • Expands Horizons



A Go Girl! is someone who:
  • Says yes to new challenges and says no to keep herself safe
  • Celebrates her mistakes as a chance to learn and grow
  • Makes bold & brave choices in her life and community

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Go Girls! Afterschool Club is a safe place for Go Girls! to be together and get creative.  Through the making of original theater, music, visual arts, and digital media, girls embark on the journey of celebrating their power and uniqueness. 19956011_1606351812708990_5802039206763002021_o.jpg

Each 10-week program is led by a highly skilled professional teaching artists and culminates in a live performance where the girls showcase their work for friends and family.