Saying Yes means...

  • Being willing to move through all life throws your way
  • Accepting all of what is in front of you, no matter what
  • Making bold & brave choices about what to do next in your life
  • Embracing your mistakes, challenges, and flaws with grace
  • Practicing forgiveness with those who harm you while still holding them accountable 
  • Saying what you do and do not want
  • Breathing in the present moment
  • Allowing each moment to just be - without you having to control the outcome

Saying Yes gives you the power to move forward in the direction that best serves you.

Saying Yes is not always easy.  That's why we're here.  Let's practice together.

44_days_of_yes_Lynn.2.png44 Days of Yes! is a series created by Spotlight: Girls co-founder & CEO, Lynn Johnson just for Girl Advocates - folks like you who understand that, if we want to empower our girls, we first have to empower ourselves.

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